Verdadero Tequila


750ML | 40% Alc by Vol


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Aged for over a year in first use American Oak Tennessee Bourbon barrels. This extended cradling of the spirit by the wood adds the depth our Añejo is known for, producing our exceptionally matured ultra-premium Añejo. Notes of oak and honey on the nose give way to rich and sweet toasted agave on the palate with a light vanilla, oak and fruity finish. Each bottle is completed by hand labeling for genuine character.

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Mexican Old Fashioned


3 oz. Verdadero Añejo
½ oz. Agave nectar
3 dashes angostura bitters
3 dashes orange bitters
Orange peel and cherry for garnish


Place Verdadero Añejo, agave nectar, and bitters in a cocktail mixing glass with ice.  Stir gently for at least 30 seconds.  Strain into a rocks glass filled with a large ice cube.  Garnish with an orange peel and cherry. Enjoy.

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